Tamana is a non-profit voluntary organization registered in March 1984
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Could you have ever imagined that the aspirations of special individual would be so simple and so unique? We never expect our normal children to have aspirations like being able to tie a shoe lace on their own, being able to feed them selves or dress them selves. These things, which we take for granted in our normal children, a special child has to practice laboriously to achieve under professional supervision.

We at Tamana look upon every special individual as someone who can realize their full potential and become happy, useful members of society. Under the one big cherished dream of seeing each child become an independent adult, one of the many goals of Tamana is providing holistic developmental education to children with special needs. Tamana tries to give wings to their dreams and help them become self reliant.

You can also extend your hand and sponsor the education and vocational training of a child and help fulfill his/ her aspiration. We can assure you of the warmth reaching your heart as the hand of a special child curls into yours.

All Donations are exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act. Tamana accepts donations in foreign currency from patrons/ supporter abroad Cheques in favour of TAMANA can be mailed to Tamana, C-10/8, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057.

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